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6 Eco-Friendly Shower Hacks

March 29, 2016

Cameron A.

Anyone can be eco-friendly while showering with these super simple water-saving hacks.

1. Collect water that would otherwise go down the drain while waiting for your shower water to warm up.

Collect shower water

Every day, gallons of water are wasted as your shower heats up. By collecting and using that wasted water, you’ll realize how much less you turn on the faucet for other uses.

2. Try using an EcoFlowTM eco-friendly shower head.

EcoFlow™ eco-friendly shower head

WATERPIK low-flow shower heads are engineered to save water and money without sacrificing a powerful shower experience.

See our line of ECOFLOW shower heads available in different styles and finishes.

3. Combine collected shower water with a cleaning solution to clean your floors.

Use shower water to clean floors

4. Water indoor and outdoor plants with collected shower water.

Use shower water to water plants

5. Play music while you’re in the shower…but listen to only 2 songs!

Play music in shower

Songs are 3-5 minutes on average…so don’t worry, you’ll still get around 6-10 minutes of relaxing shower time. Before you know it, you’ll subconsciously take shorter showers to match your favorite songs.

Did you know that current federal law regulates shower heads to flow at 2.5 gallons per minute? So in a 15-minute shower you use 37.5 gallons. By reducing your shower time by at least 5 minutes, you save over 12 gallons of water. Amazing.

6. Bring your hand held shower head closer to your head and body to rinse.

Move shower head closer for rinsing

This is faster and you’ll use less water. Your boss will start noticing you’re showing up on time, too. Thanks hand helds!