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Waterpik PowerPulse Massaging Shower Heads

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Therapeutic Benefits

FDA registered shower head
PowerPulse shower heads help soothe muscle tension

Soothe Muscle Tension

PowerPulse shower heads help increase flexibility

Increase Flexibility

PowerPulse shower heads help promote restful sleep

Promote Restful Sleep

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PowerPulse shower heads - up to 2X the massage force

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More Than Just a Shower

With up to 2X the massage force, our unique PowerPulse Massage technology has been shown to improve your wellbeing.

Natalie closup smiling

"You know I really feel like it's relaxed a lot of my muscles, and I have been able to get more into higher intensity workouts."

Cedric - closeup

"I do a lot of grappling... my arms are really exhausted, so with this product I can actually specifically target areas in my forearm."

Eric - closeup

"I'm actually able to be more active instead of having to take days off in between a long hike or around a golf, I can go right back out."

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