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PowerPulse Therapeutic Massage

Designed for Wellbeing

Therapeutic Water Massage

Our PowerPulse Massage spray is clinically shown to help:

PowerPulse shower heads - up to 2X the massage force

Rejuvenate With PowerPulse

PowerPulse Massage has up to 2X the Massage Force vs. other retail market shower heads

DIY At Its Easiest

Changing your shower head is easier than you might think!

Check out these 3 easy steps to install a new shower head.

How To Install A Shower Head Step 1

1. Remove old shower head. Usually this means you just need to unscrew it - pretty simple! If it's been on there for many years, you may need to use pliers.

How To Install A Shower Head Step 2

2. Clean Shower Pipe. Remove any old pipe tape or washers.

How To Install A Shower Head Step 3

3. Screw new shower head onto the shower pipe - and attach the hose if it's a hand held. Most Waterpik™ Shower Heads do not require any pipe tape - be sure to check your instruction manual.

More Than Just a Shower

With up to 2X the massage force, our unique PowerPulse Massage technology has been shown to improve your wellbeing.

Natalie closup smiling

"You know I really feel like it's relaxed a lot of my muscles, and I have been able to get more into higher intensity workouts."

Cedric - closeup

"I do a lot of grappling... my arms are really exhausted, so with this product I can actually specifically target areas in my forearm."

Eric - closeup

"I'm actually able to be more active instead of having to take days off in between a long hike or around a golf, I can go right back out."

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