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Make a Splash with Your Guests

As invigorating as a splash in a waterfall, as relaxing as a massage at a world-class spa, genuine Waterpik® shower heads turn an ordinary shower into an exhilarating experience for your guests.

We invented the pulsating shower head with the Original Shower Massage® over 30 years ago. Today you'll find that no one offers the hotel industry such advanced performance technology in sleek, contemporary designs. Your guests will be delighted by the thoughtful luxury, and you'll appreciate the affordable quality.

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  • Water Pik offers a quality product designed and tested to withstand years of problem-free use in the hospitality/lodging industry. No problems translate to higher guest satisfaction and lower maintenance costs.
  • Our hospitality and lodging shower heads are designed specifically for commercial use.
  • Chrome-plated brass, theft-resistant pivot balls are standard on most lodging shower heads.
  • The metal pivot ball reduces potential maintenance problems. A special wrench is included for easy installation and removal by authorized individuals.
  • Chemical-resistant material in most models yields more durability than conventional ABS polymers.
  • Waterpik® hospitality and lodging shower heads offer a three-year warranty.

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  • Waterpik® shower heads turn normal incoming water into invigorated streams of pulsating massages and body sprays.
  • Through years of testing and experience, we have identified the shower sprays that people prefer and use the most. We use this knowledge in designing all our shower products to deliver powerful and luxurious experiences.
  • Water Pik continues to push its innovation into a portfolio of uniquely styled products that is sure to be a perfect fit for your lodging brand.
  • Waterpik® EcoFlow® line is engineered to perform like a full-flow shower head, while conserving your property's water and energy costs.
  • EcoFlow® shower heads can pay for themselves in as little as three months in energy and water savings.
  • EcoFlow® shower heads are engineered for performance, so your guests will enjoy the best shower possible while you save on water and energy costs.
  • EcoFlow® shower heads count toward your property's "green" LEED certification.
  • Your guests view their shower experience as a means of escape, an opportunity to invigorate in the morning or to relax and unwind after a hectic day.
  • Waterpik® shower heads deliver a superior shower experience and present a high-quality image to your guests.
  • Guests recognize the Water Pik® brand—the #1 brand in replacement shower heads. Reward them by starting their day off with a quality Waterpik® shower experience.
  • Your guests know and trust the Water Pik brand.
  • Water Pik invented the pulsating shower head in 1973, and we have been a leader in product design, innovation, and product performance ever since.
  • Today, Water Pik remains the #1 market shareholder in the U.S., continuously preferred by consumers (your guests) for our quality, performance, and innovation.