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Making Every Drop Count

May 13, 2019

Craig F.

Every Drop Matters

There is amazing power behind a drop of water. Put a few of them together, spread them apart, or curve and channel them. If you do this better than anyone else, you can create the very best shower head.

That’s what drives WATERPIK shower head engineers.

Every Detail Matters

It’s not a few small details, it’s hundreds of them. At WATERPIK, we are always moving forward and searching for the next material, the next design idea, and the next shower head innovation.

How We Design WaterpikTM Shower Heads

WATERPIK shower head engineers are hands-on and focused on making the best shower head possible. We leverage more than 40 years of industry design expertise and experience to:
  • Create shower head designs from the ground up
  • Engineer water passages to minimize flow restriction and optimize the shower force
  • Quickly prototype new shower head concepts using 3D printing
  • Test and tweak a design idea until it meets our demanding performance specifications
  • Put every shower head design through more than 1,000 hours of testing

This detailed process results in completely new patented shower technologies – from The Original Shower Massage™ more than 40 years ago to our new PowerPulse Massage, which generates up to two times the massage force of competitive shower head models and provides clinically shown therapeutic benefits.

Why Settle for Less than the Very Best Shower Head?

Don't Start the Day With Wimpy Sprays and Sparse Coverage

At WATERPIK, our engineers are making every drop count and giving our customers a great shower experience that invigorates, relaxes, and rejuvenates.

So, why not take your routine daily shower and turn it into the best shower experience possible?

To learn more about which WATERPIK shower head is best for you, visit our Shower Head Buying Guide.