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WaterpikTM HairWand PowerComb Spray: Quickly and Effectively Rinses Residue from Hair

A Clinical Study Evaluating the Efficacy of a Hand Held Shower Wand Spray for Hair-Residue Rinseability Compared to a Comparator* Product

Independent Clinical Testing, August 2021, VCS 211014


To determine the effectiveness of the WaterpikTM HairWand Spa System handheld shower wand device in rinsing residue from hair with its proprietary Powercomb hair-rinsing spray. Effectiveness was also measured vs. a comparator* product representing a standard shower device.


Thirty-Four (34) healthy males and females, 21 – 65 years of age, hair types from straight to coily were enrolled into the 2- day randomized, comparative, crossover clinical study.

At each period visit, a fluorescing hair care product was applied to hair of each subject by a technician. After application to a common and specific location in the hair, the study products (shower units) were used per sponsor instructions one time in-clinic to rinse the hair. One smooth, controlled, uninterrupted pass of approximately 1.5 seconds duration was made along the treated hair.

An expert grader evaluated the hair pre-use and immediately after use for rinsing effectiveness at Period 1 and Period 2 of the crossover for each respective product. Clinical photography was taken for a subset of 6 subjects after use of both test and comparator* products.


In a single uninterrupted pass of approximately 1.5 seconds, expert grading revealed immediate, statistically significant reduction of residue from the hair.

The WaterpikTM product significantly outperformed the comparator* product’s hair rinsing spray.


Clinical use of the HairWand PowerComb spray resulted in significant rinsing of residue from hair in 1.5 seconds which is considered both effective and fast. The PowerComb spray was more effective than a market-leading comparator* product in this study.

*Comparator product: Delta In2ition Combo Shower Head, Model # 75583C