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Waterpik® HairWand Pulsating Wand Massage Spray: Efficacy on Scalp Stimulation and Flake Removal

A Clinical Study Evaluating the Efficacy of a Shower Wand Pulsating Massage Spray on Scalp Stimulation and Flake Removal

Independent Clinical Testing, March, 2022, VCS 211009


To determine the effectiveness of the Waterpik® HairWand Pulse Spa System with the pulsating massage spray in the handheld wand device, in promoting scalp stimulation and reducing scalp flakiness.


Forty-five (45) healthy females and males, 25 – 65 years of age with hair types from straight to coily were enrolled into the 24-hour randomized comparative, clinical study. The study was conducted under an independent investigational review board.

After screening, subjects were given a control shampoo and conditioner to use during the 7-day washout period, and were instructed to not wash hair, nor apply styling products for 3 days prior to baseline evaluation. Each subject underwent technician-supervised use of the hair wand in pulsating massage spray setting for 2 minutes on their hair/scalp, working from front hairline to back of the head in a consistent application method and distance. Applications were completed on site in a shower stall with monitored water pressure (>45 psi) to maintain consistent conditions across all subjects.

An expert grader evaluated the scalp pre-use (Baseline), 3-hours and 24-hours post use. All subjects provided self-assessment of hair and scalp sensory attributes at intervals of 5-minutes, 30-minutes, 60-minutes, 3-hours, and 24-hours via a subjective questionnaire.


Expert visual grading revealed statistically significant reduction in appearance of visible flaking after single use at 3 and 24 hours compared to baseline. The Expert grader observed reduction in visible flaking in 75% of the subjects.

Immediately after a single 2-minute use of the handheld shower wand pulsating massage spray, 83% of subjects reported that their scalp felt stimulated and 75% reported a reduction in visible flakes.


Clinical Study showed that use of pulsating massage spray from the wand device in the HairWand Pulse Spa System for 2 minutes, helped to reduce visible scalp flakiness and study participants said it provided a stimulating scalp massage.