Replacement Shower Head Flow Rate Requirements

In 1992, a federal mandate limited the amount of water that could flow from a replacement shower head to 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). Some state and local governments mandate even lower GPM flow rates than the federal regulation.

The table below shows the maximum flow rate for a replacement shower head that can be sold at retail in various states/regions within the US:

* Only regulatory requirements related to retail sales of replacement shower heads are shown. Unique requirements often exist for new construction
State Current Max Flow Rate For Retail Sales of Replacement Shower Heads* Planned Changes
California 1.8 GPM None
Colorado 2.0 GPM None
Hawaii 1.8 GPM None
Maine 2.5 GPM Moving to 1.8 GPM for all products manufactured on or after 1/1/23
Maryland 2.5 GPM Moving to 2.0 GPM for all products sold on or after 1/1/24
Massachusetts 2.0 GPM None
New Jersey 2.0 GPM None
New York 1.8 GPM None
Oregon 1.8 GPM None
Rhode Island 2.0 GPM None
Vermont 2.0 GPM None
Washington 1.8 GPM None
All states not shown 2.5 GPM TBD

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