Waterpik™ Hairwand

It feels like your shower is treating you to a spa day...

Created by design to soothe, relax, and untangle.


Your routine made luxury.

It's more than just a shower. The HairWand Spa System is a luxurious way to nurture both your hair and body.

Water Combing Spray

More effectively rinses hair with a water-combing spray that untangles.

Soothe sore muscles

Helps relieve tension and soothe muscles through therapeutic spray options.

Rinse away the tangles.

Up to 82% of users reported tangle-free hair after rinses*

Healthy hair starts at the roots. The HairWand penetrates deep, awakening and revitalizing the scalp.

The PowerComb stream is targeted and powerful, effectively rinsing out product without damaging your hair. It leaves your hair less tangled amd more manageable.

Tangle-free hair

Wash away the aches.

Up to 90% of users experience muscle tension relief within 5 minutes*

The pinpointed dual nozzles provide a Therapeutic Body Massage leaving you relaxed and stress-free.

HairWand will help relieve muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Your hair, mind, and body are in good hands... yours.

PowerPulse Therapeutic Massage Spray

Give your mind and body a refresh.

Relax, breathe, and feel the zen-like state that the HairWand Spa System creates.

The three purposefully designed water streams of the HairWand are powerful, yet soothing to help promote your health and well-being from head to toe.

The nine-mode shower head offers a relaxing mist spray and our PowerPulse Therapeutic Massage spray for a range of rejuvenating shower experiences.

Feel relaxed and refreshed after using HairWand

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* Individual results may vary, based on consumer usage study