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Please use the following link to access our videos demonstrating how to install various styles of showers:
  Shower Head Installation Videos

Here is a link to find all current shower head instruction manuals:
  Online Instruction Manuals

  • When installing a plastic pivot ball to the metal shower wall pipe, no tape should be used. The addition of the tape increases the circumference of the pipe and may cause the pivot ball to split.
  • When installing our 2-way diverter, no pipe tape should be used.
  • When installing a metal pivot ball to the metal shower wall pipe, 2-3 wraps of the pipe tape is recommended. Wrap the tape around the shower wall pipe in a clockwise direction.

  • Lack of water flow after installation is usually caused by a washer remaining in the shower pipe from a previous shower:
    • Remove the shower head. Using a pencil or similar object, check the shower pipe to see if a washer is stuck inside the pipe. Turn on the water to confirm flow.
    • Confirm the white filter screen is firmly seated in the pivot ball and only one black washer is seated over the filter screen.
  • Some shower head models have a vacuum breaker in the hose. This device prohibits the flow of water back into the water source. If the hose is installed incorrectly, there will be no water flow. The vacuum breaker end of the hose should be installed closest to the water supply.

Certain cities, counties, and states require a vacuum breaker or anti-syphon device to be installed for hand held shower systems. Water Pik is aware of Wisconsin, Washington, and Los Angeles County requiring the device. We recommend contacting your local water district to confirm the requirements for your region.

Most shower models starting with an “N” are compatible with our extension clip. The model number is located near the UPC/Bar code on the package.

The link below allows you to choose a style and color of our shower heads or view the models available at our authorized distributors:

Shower Head Products

If you need a replacement part other than a shower hose, please contact Waterpik customer support for assistance.

Replacement shower hoses are available through the Waterpik™ Online Store.
Shower Head Hoses

Most shower products manufactured after 2005 have a limited lifetime warranty. A dated sales receipt is required for warranty validation.

If you are seeking warranty assistance and do not have the receipt, provide at least two images of the shower head: one to show the face of the shower and the other to depict the issue being experienced. Email the photos to Please include the reason for the claim, your name, address, AND telephone number.

Some Waterpik™ shower products have a Water-Saving Trickle setting. United States building codes do not allow the shower head to completely shut off the water supply. This setting does not stop the flow of water; it restricts the water to 1/2 to 1 gallon per minute. A shut off valve is not available through Water Pik.

Water Pik offers an extra-long 96-inch (8 foot) metal hose. The two conical-shaped ends are configured to fit Waterpik™ shower brackets and most competitive shower brands. The 8-foot hose is available from the Waterpik Online Store:

Extra Long 8-Foot Metal Hose