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9 Ways a Hand Held Shower Head Cleans More Than Just Your Body

February 12, 2016

Jaime S.

Some not-so-ordinary uses for your hand held shower head

First, if you don’t already have a hand held shower, get one. It will change your showering world from a boring routine into a cleaning extravaganza. Not only can I successfully take a shower without getting my hair wet (when I need to), but I can also wash my feet and shave my legs without getting in.

We surveyed people for tips about how they use their hand held shower head. Here is what they had to say:

1. Cleaning your kids

Clean children more easily with a hand held shower head

Everyone knows that shower time isn’t the easiest for kids. With a hand held shower, you can target specific areas, keep the soap out of their eyes, and keep the water in the tub.

2. Cleaning your shower

Clean shower stall more easily with a hand held shower head

Forget getting inside and scrubbing on your hands and your knees. Take the hand held shower down, turn on the PowerPulse Massage, and let the pulsating massage spray blast away the grime. Really….it works, I do it all the time.

3. Cleaning window screens

Clean window screens more easily with a hand held shower head

Starting to get weird, but once you think about it, it makes so much sense. Take the screens off, put them in the shower, spray them down, and put them back up. A surprising number of people provided this tip.

4. Cleaning floor mats

Clean car floor mats with a hand held shower head

Yes, spray off those floor mats. Especially in the winter when muddy shoes take over the car. (If you’re from Colorado like me.)

5. Speaking of muddy shoes

Clean muddy boots with a hand held shower head

You can rinse dirty shoes in your shower without using the sink where you do your dishes. Genius!

6. Rinsing off dirty blinds

Clean blinds with a hand held shower head

If you’ve ever tried to clean blinds… you know it’s a pain. Using your hand held shower head is much easier than going panel by panel with a sponge. One quick rinse and you’re done. What a great tip!

7. Rinsing out coolers and plastic storage bins

Rinse coolers with a hand held shower head

You may be seeing a theme here. Like I said, it’s a cleaning extravaganza. Coolers always need to be drained and rinsed after use. The shower is the perfect, mess-free, place to do it.

8. Rinsing silk plants

Rinse silk plants with a hand held shower head

Not the most popular way to use the hand held shower, but I still think it’s a good idea. If you’ve ever owned fake plants, you know they are dust collectors. Not to mention, hard to clean. A quick rinse with a hand held shower head, and they’re good as new. Pretty creative, if you ask me.

9. Cleaning/rinsing big pots and pans

Clean pots and pans with a hand held shower head

Last but not least, a few people said that they clean pots and pans with their hand held shower head. This was perhaps the most surprising use mentioned, but it came from people working in the catering and restaurant business. So this might help with cleanup after you do some large-scale cooking at home.

In conclusion: Buying a hand held shower head could change how you clean…