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New Fitness Routine? Power it with a Therapeutic Shower Massage

December 29, 2014

Carmen C.

With the start of a New Year, many of us are focused on losing weight and trying new fitness routines. As a runner, I try to balance running with strength training. But I’ve found it a challenge to lift weights on my own.

HIIT, CrossFit, and More

To keep things interesting, I’ve recently tried some new strength routines for the New Year:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – weight and cardio circuits, each element done at high intensity for 1-minute
  • Ballet barre – combination of ballet, yoga, and Pilates performed at a barre
  • CrossFit – demanding strength and fitness challenges, often quickly repeated in a set time

HIIT has been the winner so far, mostly for its variety and fast results. And because it's new, I'm noticing a lot of sore muscles I have not used in a while!

Power Recovery with a Great Shower

A new workout usually means sore, tired muscles. There are many ways to recover, but one of the best methods I’ve discovered is my WATERPIK shower head.

The shower head features different spray settings, which I use post-workout to aid recovery:

  • PowerPulse Massage – A varied, powerful therapeutic massaging spray that helps relieve soreness, especially in my upper back and shoulders
  • Power – A powerful, concentrated spray that is great for hitting specific areas
  • Mist – A relaxing spray that’s like a steam-room experience
  • Full-body – An all-over spray that warms tired muscles

I prefer the hand held shower head design, which makes it easy to target areas that are especially sore and hard to reach with a standard fixed-mount shower head.

Reward Your Resolutions

A satisfying shower is also a great way to reward yourself for a job well done. I always look forward to a relaxing shower to aid my recovery and get ready for the next part of my day.

If you’re powering up your fitness and working to lose weight with a new routine, check out WATERPIK shower heads to power recovery and reward your resolutions.

Some shower heads that include the therapeutic PowerPulse Massage spray include: