Shower Head Spray Settings

Different shower spray settings instantly change your shower experience.

Nozzle patterns, water channels, and a mode selector work together to create each spray type.

Standard Spray Settings

PowerSpray+ Spray Setting


A shower mode that boosts the force of the water spray. Some shower heads offer a concentrated center PowerSpray for easy rinsing of thick hair.

Full Body Spray Setting

Full Body

When you want to maximize the shower head spray coverage pattern, choose the full body spray mode.

Mist Spray Setting


Fine water droplets create a gentle, soft mist spray experience.

PowerPulse Massage Spray Settings

PowerPulse Therapeutic Massage Spray Setting

PowerPulse Massage

Patented technology delivers a powerful and therapeutic massage that is up to 2X the massage force of other retail shower heads.

PowerPulse Massge + Full Body Spray Setting

PowerPulse Massage + Full Body

This spray pattern combines PowerPulse Massage with the full body spray.

PowerPulse Massage + Mist Spray Setting

PowerPulse Massage + Mist

This spray pattern combines PowerPulse Massage with the mist spray.

Specialty Spray Settings

Rain Shower Head Spray Setting

Rain Shower

A drenching, rain-like shower spray that typically provides the largest coverage.

PowerComb Spray Setting


Powerful dual streams that penetrate deep for a thorough rinse and scalp massage.

Water Saving Spray Setting

Water Saving

Water Saving Trickle reduces water flow to a trickle, while Eco Spray lowers the flow rate but maintains a water spray. Both are convenient for shaving, shampooing, or bathing children or pets.

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