Brushed Nickel Magnetic Slide Strip Accessory Kit

  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
$94.99 MSRP

With the Magnetic Slide Strip Accessory Kit, you can easily convert your current hand-held shower into a customized shower experience. Showerhead not included.

This magnetic slide strip accessory kit mounts anywhere in your shower and offers 18 inches of height adjustability. Great for households with varying heights or when shower head pipes are too high or too low. Easy solution for bathing while seated or when shower caddies hang under the shower pipe.

Simply lift the magnetic bracket and glide your hand-held showerhead up or down the stainless steel strip to adjust to your preferred shower height.

5-foot metal hose provides added convenience when bathing children or pets and cleaning the shower.

Compatible with most standard handheld shower heads, this universal accessory kit easily adheres to most shower surfaces and is guaranteed to hold.* No screws or drilling required.

*Must follow installation steps in instruction manual.

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Primary Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Product Category: Accessory
  • Flow Rate GPM: 1.8
  • Number Of Spray Settings: 0
  • Hose Length: 60 Inches

See how much you can Save!
Annual Water, Gas and Dollar Savings by Gallons Per Minute (GPM) 1


Water Saved

5,110 gal

Gas Saved

3,181.73 cu-ft

Dollars Saved